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Room Booking Guidelines

We are pleased to offer a variety of study options for our students. The following guidelines apply:

1. Reservations can be made up to one (1) week in advance.

2. Each student may reserve a room for a maximum of two (2) hours per day.

3. A valid 'richmond.edu' email address is required.

4. Click a room booking group from the list for a visual display of all the rooms in that group with their availability highlighted in green.

5. Groups of three (3) or more have priority in Group Study Rooms.

6. Confirm your Reservation! Reservations must be confirmed within 30 minutes or your reservation will be cancelled.

7. Occupy your room. All patrons are encouraged to be respectful of their time and that of others. When it is your time to occupy the room, if it is occupied please knock softly. If it is free, just go in.

8.  When your time is over, if another group is waiting, please leave as quickly and efficiently as possible. If no one is waiting, you may remain in the room, but only until the next group with a reservation arrives.

 9. If your plans to use the space change, please cancel your reservation.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Study Rooms, our policies, or this online reservation system, please e-mail Cassandra Taylor-Anderson, Access & User Services Manager at ctaylora@richmond.edu.

You manage the rooms,

So play by the rules.